Standard rates for Recording and Mixing;

Day rate:  £170.00 per day (8 hours)

Hourly rate: £22.50

Over time is charged at the hourly rate.  (£22.50)​

Minimum session time is 4 hours (£90)

Rates for Mastering:

£170 per day

How many days will I need?

Using past experience, here is a guide to the amount of time needed to make an exellent finished recording.

For a standard 4/5 piece band aiming to produce 4 to 5 tracks, many go for the following option;

Day 1 - Get drum sounds and set up rest of  the band ready to begin recording. Track the drums and guide parts.

Day 2 - Focus on the the Bass and Guitar sounds, replacing the guide parts. 

Day 3 - Focus on overdubbing Lead Vocal performances.

Day 4 - Focus on overdubbing Backing Vocals, Harmonies, Percussion etc.

Plus 3 to 4 days Mixing & Mastering.

Total 6 to 7 days

For a Jazz  trio or quartet/Trad folk ensemble aiming to produce 6 to 8 tracks;

DAY 1 - Band usually records Live and we track as many performances in the day as we can.

DAY 2 - Add any overdubs or additional layering along with any Vocals and Harmonies.

Plus 2 to 3 days Mixing & Mastering

Total - 4 to 5 days

Solo Artists & Instrumentalists aiming to produce 4 to 6 tracks;

Day 1 - Set up, get settled & comfortable. Track performances.

Plus 1 to 2 days Mixing & Mastering

Total 2 to 3 days 

Time to mix.......

To bring that big budget sound to your recordings ( the sound potential fans/labels/promotors/publishers are going to be impressed by )  particularly with rock/pop bands, takes time. The more time you can dedicate to the mix, the better we can make you sound.